Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How did Br3athe get its name?

A: The name Br3athe. came from an experience the founder had with his friend. Having discovered the eviction notice on his door he realized the predicament his friend had found himself in. Knowing him to be a good person, the founder felt empathetic towards his situation and loaned him the funds.

Within the next few weeks, his friend not only paid back his loan but was also able to get back on his feet. This made the founder realize that all he needed was a second to Br3athe to get back on his feet! This in turn gave birth to the name Br3athe.

Q: Who makes Br3athe?

A: It is the people who make Br3athe! They are literally the blood that courses through the veins of this network. If it was not for the people, Br3athe would just be another grand idea.

Q: What does Br3athe do with the money?

A: Br3athe believes in the ancient practice of group economics, in the tradition of uniting towards a common goal, realizing that you have more to gain from a small piece of a big pie then a big piece of a small pie. With that being said, we reinvest the subscription money as well as any other one time donations back into the programs.

Q: How can I join the Br3athe?

A: To become a subscriber of the Br3athe, click Join, enter your email, select your level and join our engine!