Our Stories

Our Stories

Building the community one story at a time

Br3athe constantly oversees projects that help to develop the community. If you wish to be involved in any of our projects, please contact us.

Read brief summaries of some of our successful projects.

Inhale, Exhale – Fallbrook Trail Ranch Horseback Riding with Horizons for Youth

Horseback riding was an experience we were all missing

Saddling up
Ready to head out

Inhale, Exhale – Activate with Horizons for Youth PART 2!

Activate was requested by the youth again as they could not get enough of it last time

Hold on to the light
BIG turnout

Inhale, Exhale – Activate with Horizons for Youth

Activate was a great way to start our 2023 events, filled with fun and friendly competition

Learning the rules and games
Interactive play

Inhale, Exhale – Food Donation for Durham Youth Services and Horizons for Youth

Thanks to our donors we were able to provide many non-perishable food items for the youth shelters listed

Drop off at Durham Youth Services
Dropoff at Horizons for Youth

Inhale, Exhale – Christmas Donation with Eva’s Place and Horizons for Youth

Thanks to our donors we were able to gift 35 youth with $100 gift cards to Walmart and Amazon

Evas Gift Cards
Drop off at Eva’s Place
Horizon Gift Cards
Dropoff at Horizons for Youth

Br3athe – Item Donation with Eva’s Place and Horizons for Youth

Thank you for your heartfelt donation in times of need

Our donors, what would we do without you
Dropoff at Eva’s & Horizons

Inhale, Exhale – Clay Workshop @ Lucsculpture School & Studios with Eva’s Place, Eva’s Satellite and Eva’s Phoenix

Everyone got to let their imagination run wild with clay.

Getting our hands dirty
Only the best teachers

Inhale, Exhale – Paint Workshop @ Swansea Town Hall with Horizons for Youth

Amazing Paint Workshop experience hosted by Mykypaints, thank you for your support!

Learning the basics
Our final pieces of art

Inhale, Exhale – Where Dark Things Dwell @ Black Creek Pioneer Village Escape Room with Horizons for Youth

Successfully escaped and saved the Pioneer Village from the evil witches!

Group of survivors
Creepy faces

Inhale, Exhale – Model Rocket Workshop @ Downsview Park with Eva’s Initiatives

Built model rockets and launched them successfully!

Custom built rockets
Team of model rocket engineers

Inhale, Exhale – Aikido Lesson @ Toronto Aikikai with Eva’s Initiatives

Learning the ways of Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art

Teacher and student
Kesagiri (Monk’s Robe Cut) – Diagonal Cut

Inhale, Exhale – Hip-Hop Dance Class @ The Underground Dance Centre with Eva’s Initiatives

Let’s just say our moves are better now

Setting out steps left & right
Groving across the dance floor

Inhale, Exhale – Music Lesson @ City Grown Sounds with Eva’s Initiatives & Lauren Eyton-Jones

We would love to thank Lauren for such a great opportunity

Learning the piano
Great musicians over here

Inhale, Exhale – VR Experience @ Awaken Battleground with Eva’s Initiatives

Entering the VR world with exciting video games!

Zombies survival
Player vs player

Br3athe – Tree Planting @ G. Ross Lord Park

Reducing our ecological footprint one tree at a time

Great day t0 plant a tree
Tree planting this way

Inhale, Exhale – Rage Room @ Battle Sports Inc. with Horizons for Youth

Breaking everyday items including printers to release stress

Group Shot
Dress up in safety gear
Ready to smash
Then ready to smash

Inhale, Exhale – Dance Competition @ Hit the Floor with Horizons for Youth

Amazing venue, performances and sound.

All art styles
Mortal Kombat

Inhale, Exhale – Tubbing @ Snow Valley Ski Resort with Eva’s Phoenix and Horizons for Youth

Winter vibes with big slopes and great weather.

Snow Tubes
On top together
Ready for Hill
Group of four

Inhale, Exhale – Eat & Play @ Dave & Buster’s with Eva’s Phoenix and Eva’s Place

Great games accompanied by great food.

Arcade Toronto
Enjoying the Motorcycle arcade
Big Meal
We had a full blow feast

Inhale, Exhale – Big Soccer Game @ Toronto Soccerplex with Eva’s Phoenix, Eva’s Place and Horizons for Youth

Just kicking it with the youth.

Soccer Team
Teamwork at its finest
One Moment
One moment can change it all

Inhale, Exhale – Trampoline Dodgeball @ Sky Zone with Eva’s Phoenix, Eva’s Place and Horizons for youth

Heated battles between the active youth.

Bounce Dodge
Game faces everyone
Selfie Zone
We had to take a selfie zone photo

Br3athe – LoveLee @ Super Wonder Gallery

A Quarter Century Fashion Show.

Runway Show
Sassy savage
Great Outfit
Outfit on point

Inhale, Exhale – Where Dark Things Dwell @ Black Creek Pioneer Village Escape Room with Horizons for Youth and Eva’s Place

We escaped a scary old village full of curses and witches.

Dark Escape
Horizon’s gearing up
Escape Room
Let the escape begin

Br3athe – Paintball part 2 @ Sgt. Splatter’s with Horizons for Youth

Always a BLAST when Br3athe and Horizons for Youth get together.

The brigade
Silly Pose
Let me see those silly poses

Inhale, Exhale – There are no limits, anyone can FLY @ iFly Toronto

Building confidence by facing our fears together.

Breaking Walls
Breaking down walls to be free
Here are all the brave youth

Br3athe – Appreciation Day with Horizons for Youth

Horizons for Youth held an appreciation day for all their sponsors, supporters, volunteers and workers. Br3athe was presented with a certificate of  appreciation for our work with the youth.

Big Power
Councillor Cesar Palacio
Great Group
Together we rise

Br3athe – Break Dance Class with Tricky Troublez and Horizons for Youth

Learning the basic moves, Toprock, Footwork, Drops, Floor Rocks, Power Moves and Freezes.

Freeze Pose
Freeze pose
Break Dance
The floor basics

Br3athe – Playing Bowl with Youth from Eva’s Phoenix, Eva’s Place and Horizons for Youth

The team and the youth went out for some good old fashion bowling with a mini-tournament.

Bowling Group
We always look good in group pictures
Glow Bowl
Everybody just having a ball

Br3athe – North Beach Volleyball with Youth from Eva’s Place and Horizons for Youth

Volleyball is that much more fun with Br3athe, the youth, and some sand.

Team Ready
Team ready for the serve
Ready Serve
Focus on the serve

Br3athe – Archers Arena with Youth from Eva’s Phoenix and Horizons for Youth

Putting a spin on the classic bow and arrow with a fun game of Archery Tag.

Take Aim
Take aim
Archers Group
Big smiles all around

Br3athe – Judo Lesson with Youth from Eva’s Phoenix and Horizons for Youth

Provided the youths with a judo lesson to learn more than just how to defend themselves.

Pressure Points
The importance of pressure points
Judo Flip
Easily flip your oppenent

Br3athe – At Bubble Soccer with Youth from Horizons for Youth

This time we stepped outside of the bubble by taking the youths to a different way to play soccer. Everyone had a ball and are looking forward to the next event.

Big smiles
Great times with great poeple
Bubble Soccer
Big smiles

Br3athe – Rock Climbing with Youth from Eva’s Phoenix and Horizons for Youth

We went indoor rock climbing with the youths from Eva’s Phoenix and Horizons for youth giving them an early Christmas gift.

Rock Climb Safety
Instructed on safe rock climbing
Rock Clibing
Fierce competition